The Crew

The Voltlabor crew plans and builds custom-made battery packs with the greatest efficiency for the most diverse uses. Many years of successful developments and tests guarantee the highest quality and safety.

Edi Jenner


Edmund Jenner is Martin Reingruber's counterpart in the field of electrical and software engineering. Outside the realm of bits and volts, he enjoys music and his family, which consists of his wife Claudia and their children Paul and Hanna.

Guenther Blueml

Electronic Design

In addition to developing the electronics for battery systems, Günther also takes care of the further development of the Johammer / Xiavo Software and system integration. In his private life, his family takes priority.

Rudi Kral

Electric Engineering

Rudi is responsible for welding, laser cutting and battery building. Away from his cutting edge job, he enjoys playing poker and being with his wife Nici.

Johannes Kaar


Johannes Kaar keeps a watchful eye on the business figures at Nordfels and carries the responsibility for numerous further administrative and legal tasks. When his attention is not focused on Nordfels for the moment, then it is on his family with Erika and the two boys Jamal and Theo.

Georg Hochreiter

Mechanical Engineering

There is no battery project that does not bear his signature: Georg Hochreiter brings ideas for numerous innovations in the field of battery technology, but at the same time, he is also an important part of the mechanical engineering team. Georg finds inspiration for his work in his free time with powered paragliding or going out. It’s not quite clear, though, how that actually works with the latter.

Franz Hochreiter

Electric Engineering

Franz is the “silverback” at Nordfels and has more than 40 years of experience in all technical/craftsmanship matters;
He has spent more than 10 years working with laser welding and the development of battery systems.
His many years of experience and yet youthful esprit distinguish Franz in a very special way.
Away from Nordfels, Franz's passion - how could it be otherwise - is also for technology.
When flying model aeroplanes or converting his Alpine A310 into an electric car - Franz is always doing something “electrifying”.

Martin Reingruber


Martin Reingruber is the mechanical engineering mastermind at Nordfels. Together with his two manager colleagues he steers strategic skills and the fortunes of the company. For a change of pace he enjoys sports at the nearby “North Cliff”, in other words the mountain Sternstein, concluding with the enjoyment of self-caught fish and good wine together with his wife Evelyn.

Peter Wagner

Electronic Design

Peter Wagner came into contact with Nordfels at an early age: he was the first summer intern. After having successfully finished his studies he came back, and today Peter is decisive in the development of electronics. Also apart from his job, his passion remains in the technical realm, be it when building a house, programming a Raspberry Pi, or simply grilling a steak.

Georg Pfuisi

Mechanical Engineering

Originally from western Styria, he recently moved to the Mühlviertel region to join the Nordfels team. He likes challenges and is happy when he learns something new. As a student, he immersed himself in chassis technology. Since completing his thesis, his profession has taken him towards alternative energy.
Georg has a passion for lightweight construction and unconventional mechanisms.
Away from work he enjoy spending as much time as possible with his wife Anna and his little son Martin. To relax he goes mountain biking and motorcycling.